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Cheryl S.

I am writing to recommend the services of your company to anyone who needs care givers for a loved one. We have depended on the kind and loving care provided by Helping Our Seniors for years. The good ladies, the care givers of Helping Our Seniors, have taken care of our mother in her home on a 24 hour basis for years. They continued to care for Mother during hospital and rehabilitation stays on a 24 hour basis and then accompanied her to a memory care facility where they stayed with her twelve hours a day supplementing the care provided by the facility.

I depended on these ladies, for they knew Mother's habits and preferences and knew just how to provide the care most needed. Mother considered these ladies to be family and felt secure in their loving care.

The care givers were very caring, competent, personable, and intuitive. They knew how to care for Mother in every way - how to help her dress, how to make the bathing process comfortable and pleasant, how to supplement her dietary and fluid intake, how to help her transfer safely to the toilet, chair or bed, how to entertain her with dominoes or jigsaw puzzles, which TV shows she enjoyed, how to keep her environment warm enough for her comfort, how to maintain a safe environment for her, how to cook the foods she enjoyed, how to keep her laundry done to her standards, how to care for the pet in her home, and how to cope as Mother's memory declined.
The care givers were very careful to keep me, as Mother's daughter and guardian, informed of her condition and needs. Because of their excellent skills of observation, I knew Mother was safe in their care. I knew I would be notified of the slightest change allowing me to contact her health care professionals for advice and giving me time to travel the 200 miles to take her for needed medical or dental treatment - and that did happen on more than one occasion.

You and your staff were always available and always very professional, friendly, caring and conscientious in the service you provided. You informed me promptly of any delays or interruptions in service and of any upcoming changes in care givers. Invoices were always delivered promptly and accurately.

Caring for my precious mother was a 24 hour a day job and I depended so completely on Helping Our Seniors to provide that care. I can recommend Helping Our Seniors to anyone who is searching for a care giver agency which provides compassionate, competent service.

Sincerely yours,
Cheryl Smith