Jobs for Experienced Caregivers Only - We Are Always Looking for Smiling Faces to Join Our Team

Only experienced caregivers who work from the heart and really care about their client.

Helping our Seniors, LLC
13774 George Rd, San Antonio, TX 78231
(210) 492-8100

I enjoy working with Helping our Seniors. I've been with the company for about a year now, and I love how helpful they are. The clients are very sweet and easy to work with. Distance is not a problem for me, and that's something that is important to me.

Keandria W

1 yr HOS 3 yrs exper.

Working for Helping our Seniors has been a pleasing working experience and a blessing.

Willie C

7 yrs HOS 17 yrs exper.

I enjoy working for Helping our Seniors. I love each client that I have worked for and with. It's a great experience to meet each client and give them the care they need.

KaPresha H

1 ½ HOS 5 ½ yrs exper.

It's a very fulfilling experience. I enjoy working with the clients, and the company, itself, is great. I look forward to working here for many years to come.

Wendy O

½ yr HOS 10 ½ yrs exper.

I have had the pleasure of working with Helping our Seniors for the past 3 ½ years. I originally started working just as a way of making extra money, who would have known it would have meant so much more to me. Working with Martha and all the staff in the office has been a wonderful experience. Also every client I've worked with isso loving and kind with me. I currently work with a loving lady who has become a dear friend.Working here has blessed me with such wonderful experiences.

Esther M

4 yrs HOS 6 yrs exper.

I like working here because they are so kind and helpful. Most of all I like that they work with you and your schedule.


1 year

I like working for Helping Our Seniors because they work with you and your schedule. I have been with them for a couple of years, and they are very understanding company. Staff is very good people.


6 years

I have been a caregiver for several years and have enjoyed working for Helping Our Seniors. It is a rewarding job and I have had the privilege of working with some wonderful clients.


7 years

I really love working with everyone at Helping Our Seniors. Everyone is very nice. It is a wonderful place to work.


1 year

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We discovered Helping our Seniors when looking for services for my grandmother. We were so impressed by their caregiver and attention given by the company that that , when I decided to make care giving my career, there was no question who I wanted to work with. HoS is a family-owned business, and you feel like family as an employee or client.

Jamie D

4 yrs HOS 5 yrs exper.

The best thing ever happened to me is working with Helping our Seniors. Staff is very professional and friendly. My client is very nice. Pay is excellent. Come and join our team.Helping our Seniors is the best company I have ever worked with in my 30 years of working in the medical field.

Adrianna R

1yr HOS 31 yrs exper. CNA

Working with Helping our Seniors has brought me great joy, knowing I can help a loved one. I enjoy the working environment as well as my clients. They become family, and as such, I make sure their needs are met. I love to cook and so far, my cooking has allowed my client to make a huge improvement in her health. Overall, I'm glad to be employed by such a wonderful team.

Rosa R

3 ½ yrs HOS 5 yrs exper.

I have been with Helping our Seniors now for over 1 year. It's been a wonderful experience, and the staff is very helpful. It's been a positive Journey!

Margaret E

1 ½ yr HOS 5 yrs exper.

I've enjoyed working for HOS for 4 years. The kindness and compassion here at Helping our Seniors is outstanding. The staff and caregivers are all such caring people. I'm proud to say I work for HOS. Hope you'll join our staff here at HOS.

Janice P

3 ½ yrs HOS 5 ½yrs exper.

I have been working for Helping Our Seniors for 13 years and I love it because they care for their clients and caregivers.


13 years

I greatly appreciate working for Helping Our Seniors Martha is a super person and the staff is great to work with.


7 years

Helping Our Seniors is a great place to work. They are very helpful with keeping up with my hours and helping me with the paperwork. The staff is so kind and respectful. Everyone is ready to help me with a smile. They give me all the information that I need to make the job easier. I love my client and the staff where I work. I really enjoy it here.


1 year

I really enjoy working with Helping Our Seniors. They are very friendly and really a caring team of workers. They always go above and beyond for their clients and workers. It hass been six years working with Helping our Seniors; it is my home away from home.


6 years